Theft won't stop landscaper from helping cancer patients

12:39 PM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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  • GRIFFIN, Ga. -- When thieves stole $30,000 worth of equipment from a landscaping company in Griffin, they didn't deter the owner from continuing his labor of love.

    Robert Page owns Mowing with a Meaning and he isn't in the landscaping business to make money. He's in it to help people with cancer, whose every moment in life is priceless. 

    Thieves stole one of Page's trailers on May 25. When the trailer was found, it was empty and all the equipment was stolen. Yet Page and one of his landscaping crews didn't miss a beat. He bought $10,000 worth of new equipment and was back in business.

    On Tuesday he was mowing Charles and Joan Perdue's lawn. Charles Perdue, 80, was diagnosed with cancer in February and Mowing with a Meaning has been taking care of his yardwork ever since. He's been doing it for free. "It's indescribable," Charles Perdue said. "I can't put it into words."

    Joan, who works a full time job, said Page's charity allows her to spend more precious moments with her husband. "He has truly been a blessing to us and he was truly sent from God because I would have had to continue doing everything myself," she said.

    Page said he has about 40 customers; some of them pay, but only enough to break even and help cancer patients in need. His success in a previous business has allowed him to pursue this labor of love.

    He is driven because his father died of lung cancer four years ago and he's a survivor of throat cancer. Page knows how precious every moment is to the Perdues. "Even if it's one or two minutes, that's a $1 million minute, because he's going through enough pain in his life," he said.

    Page shudders to think that the people who stole his equipment know what he does. "I want to think that if they knew, that (the equipment) might still be there," he said.

    If the people who stole his equipment get caught, Robert Page has a suggestion for the judge. "If they get caught, instead of going to jail, they need to come work for me," he said. "And I would like the opportunity to have them on my crew to see what we do."

    He's even offering a $2,000 reward for the return of his equipment or the arrest and conviction of the suspects. In the meantime, Mowing with a Meaning, still means a lot to people with cancer.

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