Police officer shoots carjacking suspect

10:38 PM, Apr 28, 2012   |    comments
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Clayton County, Ga. -- A carjacking suspect is in the hospital but expected to make a full recovery after being shot by a Fulton County police officer.

11Alive reporter Duffie Dixon spoke to homeowners around the intersection of Norman Boulevard and Rochelle Way, a neighborhood that straddles the line between Fulton County and Clayton County. They described the loud noises that initially drew them outside.

"You could hear wheels screeching and the siren," recalled Marie Williams.

"Then we heard gunfire and ran around trying to get all the kids iniside," said Williams.

Investigators say what they were witnessing was the end of a chase in which the officer knew he was chasing carjackers who had held up the car's owner hours earlier.

Police say things escalated when the driver of the stolen black Honda accord repeatedly rammed the patrol car forcing the officer to pull his gun and fire.  He struck one suspect, but two others ran off.

The suspect is being treated at Grady Hospital. Authorities have not said what charges the suspect will face.

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