Hair weave thief targets SW Atlanta store

7:30 AM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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Hair extensions can run hundreds of dollars. (File)

ATLANTA -- Another local beauty shop was targeted for its hair extensions early Wednesday morning.

Atlanta Police Officer K. Y. Jones said a stolen U-Haul truck was used to break into the J&J Beauty Supply store on Sylvan Road near Langford Parkway.

Surveillance video shows the truck smashing through the front of the store. Moments later, a man is seen running out of the store carrying a box of hair. Police said the stolen hair is valued at more than $2000.

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A witness said he saw the suspect steal the truck from a neighboring business on Perkerson Street before ramming it into the beauty shop.

Atlanta Police Sgt. Tez Peavy said crimes like these are becoming a pattern; there is a lucrative black market for hair and the products are nearly impossible to trace.

"Getting them is kind of hard sometimes because hair doesn't have tracking numbers, it doesn't have a VIN like a car," he said.

A small amount of hair can carry a hefty price tag. Depending on the grade of hair, a four-ounce bundle could run between $150 and $200.

At Blendz Hair Salon in Midtown, stylist Gerald Grady said hair extensions are in high demand.

"In Atlanta, a lot of women are wearing weaves. It's kind of like Gucci for the head," he laughed.

Sgt. Peavy said the hair will likely change hands many times before it reaches the customer and he warns people to be cautious.

"Know where you're buying it," he said. "If you're not buying it in the store, if you're buying it in the trunk of somebody's car, that should be a big indicator."

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