Atlanta Parking Bill of Rights law may get more teeth

12:58 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- After Atlanta City Council adopted 11Alive's Parking Bill of Rights and made it law, questions about how to enforce that law began to surface.

Wednesday, the Council's Transportation Committee will discuss a proposed amendment designed to give that new law some teeth.

The amendment proposed by Councilman Lamar Willis includes:

* PARKatlanta maintain all parking related signage in right-of-way.

* PARKatlanta must provide an online process for filing complaints on its website.

* PARKatlanta must respond to all online complaints within 2 days.

* PARKatlanta must share with the City all complaints, as well as PARKatlanta's response.

* PARKatlanta must have a specific phone number dedicated solely to questions and complaints.

* Amendment calls for improved employee training that is approved by city

Citations may not be issued:

* Where meters are non-functioning.

* Where unclear, conflicting, or hidden signage is in place.

* Where signage needs to be repaired, replaced, or relocated

* Where signage is not installed, has been removed, or is otherwise missing from metered area.

If a ticket is issued in any of these cases, the ticket shall be promptly voided by PARKatlanta once they are made aware.

As a result of these concessions, PARKatlanta will pay the City $5.3 million annually instead of $5.5 million.

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