Fake attendant teams with booter in parking scam

11:49 AM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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Drivers targeted in boot scam.

ATLANTA -- The latest development in a parking scam we began reporting in August is a shocker. Initially, we told you how unsuspecting drivers were being fleeced by fake parking attendants who were pocketing cash intended for the pay box.

Now, a licensed booter has been arrested for partnering with a fake attendant and committing fraud. Police say Greg Witherspoon posed as a parking attendant at the Parking Company of America lot at 200 Memorial Drive, directly across from Atlanta Municipal Court. 

Witherspoon allegedly collected money from the drivers, even though signs near the pay box warn that the lot is unattended. The victims later returned to find their vehicles booted at which time police say co-conspirator Alexander Muschong would charge drivers $75 to remove the boots.

Police arrested both suspects who are now awaiting trial, ironically, in Atlanta Municipal Court.

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