No Joke, I Have Breast Cancer

4:19 PM, Aug 15, 2013   |    comments
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This week I joined a club I never wanted to be in:  I'm one of the millions of people who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I discovered it recently during a self exam.

The cancer is most likely stage one or two; an invasive but relatively slow growing tumor.

I'll be having minor surgery in the next four weeks or so, then probably chemo and radiation.  

My first reaction when my doctor very matter of factly told me this news was "Are you KIDDING me?  I just had a mammogram three months ago!  And it was all clear!"

That's one of the main reasons I'm sharing my news with everyone: self exams are crucial!  

A clear mammogram is not a Get Out of Cancer Free ticket, just one of the many forms of prevention we all need to take.   

At least half the girlfriends with whom I've shared this news have confided they are behind on mammograms, self exams or both.  Get Busy! 

I feel totally fine right now and will continue Ways to Save and anchoring weekend mornings for now.  

I'll also share the details of my treatment and recovery. Sooo... don't wait till the 11th of the month!  Do a self exam and schedule a mammogram!  (Sign up for 11Alive's Buddy Check here)

Did I mention early detection can save you money down the road?


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