Eliminate Your Electric Bill?

6:38 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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The World Energy Engineers Congress  features many ways to lower or even eliminate energy costs, though they do come at a price.   The conference attracts thousands of energy experts from around the world to the Georgia World Congress Center.  This year's event runs from October 31st through November 2nd.

At the low end of the price point: LED lightbulbs. Experts from Atlanta Lightbulbs said while they can cost three times what a CFL bulb costs, they last up to five times longer and don't contain mercury.

Electric cars are also a big draw. A Georgia Power spokesman said Federal and State Tax credits can bring the price down to around $28,000. He said over the life of the vehicle it will yield an 87 percent savings in fueld costs.

New advances in Solar Energy were another hot topic. "Solar is probably the biggest trend in the industry right now," said Pete Marte, CEO of Hannah Solar.  Solar energy combined with heating and air systems that grab energy out of the ground can lead to Net Zero energy use, meaning a household can produce as much much energy as it consumes.

There is only one such home in Georgia, in Palmetto. Experts say they are quite popular in Canada, and may catch on as the U.S housing industry recovers and more new homes are constructed.

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