$35 laundry detergent that lasts all year

11:13 AM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It's hands-down one of the most popular Ways 2 Save deals I've ever done and it sold out so quickly last time that I barely got a chance to share it with you.

Today, a $35 laundry solution that lasts all year is in stock and jam-packed with savings.

The Product

Earth's Berries are known around the world as cleaning agents, thanks to their high concentration of foaming saponin. They're completely natural, yet potent and effective. They're a tremendous alternative to the harsh chemicals found in detergents and in addition to the savings they bring, they're also perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. This product works in conventional and high-efficiency laundry machines.  

The Savings

A typical 50-ounce bottle of Tide with a touch Downy is between $10 and $14, which gives you 26 loads.

Now imagine spending $35.25, but getting 350 loads. With Earth's Berries soap nuts (plus $5 shipping) you get $0.10 per load compared to $0.30 to $0.35 per load using conventional detergents. On top of that, Earth's Berries (1) soften so you don't need to use fabric softener, (2) can be used as a stain remover and (3) can be used in replacement of other kinds of cleaners (I use them to clean glass for instance).

Basically, it reduces spending on other kinds of cleaning products. From an environmental perspective, Earth's Berries also replaces nine 32-load plastic bottles of detergents.

The Review

Although I was very skeptical when I tried this product, I've been using Earth's Berries soap nuts for more than a year, as have thousands of our viewers. These products actually leave my clothes softer, just as clean as Tide and smelling great. In fact, the soap nuts (not an actual nut, and completely safe for people who have nut allergies) are scent-free once they're put into laundry mode.

How To Buy

When you log on to today's website (which requires a quick signup process), you may notice a "sellout" message at the top of the screen. Don't worry, this refers to a different size and the product size I've reviewed is in stock.

CLICK HERE. A $5 shipping charge will be added at checkout. 

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