Ways to save even more during the sales tax holiday

2:46 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- If you plan to shop Georgia's tax free holiday, there are ways you can stretch your savings even further and even save on gasoline.

It will depend on what you're buying, but here's just one example:

If you plan to buy a computer for $1,000, you can buy that amount worth of gift cards for Target, Amazon, Best Buy or a variety of other stores at Kroger first. If you have a Kroger Plus card, you will earn fuel points worth $2 off per gallon on a fill up next month. 

Retail store gift cards are sold at face value at Kroger but American Express and Visa gift cards charge a fee so stay away from those!

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Pay for the gift cards using a reward credit card. For example, American Express Premier Rewards pays 2 points for every dollar you spend in grocery stores. That will equal 2000 points, which are worth about $20 toward a flight or retail gift card.

Shop around for the best deal, but keep in mind if you buy your computer at Best Buy and are enrolled in their Best Buy Reward Zone program, you'll get $20 in gift cards for spending $1,000.

In the City of Atlanta you'll save $80 in sales tax on a $1,000 purchase.

Here's how it all stacks up:

  • American Express Premier Rewards Points worth $20.
  • Gas savings worth $40. (This could go higher or lower depending on the size of your tank. The maximum allowed is 35 gallons. Kroger Fuel Points customers are permitted to fill two vehicles in one trip.)
  • $80 in sales tax savings.
  • $20 in Best Buy gift cards.
American Express Premier Rewards Points worth $20.

Total Savings: $160.

Two caveats: Pay off your credit card bill every month. And remember not to go over $1,000 on a computer or you will have to pay tax.

If you are charged tax on an item that is tax exempt, either online or in stores, the Georgia Department of Revenue has a form you can fill out to get a refund.  It is form ST-12.  Click here for the form.

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