Extreme Thrifting

9:24 PM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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  • Some women went to shopping extremes on National Thrifting Day.
  • some women fought for finds on National Thrifting Day.

Roswell -- This past Saturday some extremely thrifty women went on a bus tour of area thrift stores.  We caught up with them at Value City in Roswell. 

     "some people had better watch their bags because they may not get home with their finds today," organizer Karen Charles said.   "This is definitely the way to go because you get so much more bang for your buck," she said.

     While it's of course fun for these ladies.  It's a lesson for all of us. that in this economy thrifting has become main stream.  As in showing up by the bus load."

     "My mom introduced me to thrifting as a small child and for a long time I continued doing it in secret because of the stigma attached to it. There are only poor people in here, but today it's more of a lifestyle," Charles said.  "I'm definitely hooked, I approve of this," newbie De Winfrey added.

     If you would like to catch up with these ladies you can follow them on Twitter at #IloveThrifting#Atlanta.  


















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