How much is your 1996 Olympic apparel worth?

9:24 PM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Discovery Channel's Auction King appraiser Dr. Lori looked over some Olympic souvenirs our 11Alive staff had collected.

First, some of the official volunteer polo style shirts. "These shirts have been worn and washed. Once you have them in use, they're not worth as much - probably about $10," Dr. Lori said. She said a brand new volunteer shirt that was still in the original package could fetch $100.

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Another olympic volunteer had a bag of brand new, unworn socks that were part of one of the athletes' uniforms. Still, the appraiser was unimpressed. "If it doesn't have the actual Olympic stamp on it, it's not worth as much because it's harder to prove," she said. "And the value on that's going to be nominal, probably under $10. So he might as well just wear them."

A brand new gymnastics warm up jacket that was given to volunteers as a gift was appraised at $125 to $200.

Dr. Lori said the best time to try to sell Olympic items is just before the London Games begin July 27th and during the games as well. She said many items will continue to appreciate, and they usually spike during any future Olympics.

To contact Dr. Lori for an appraisal, go to

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