E-mail scam offers free plane tickets

8:57 AM, Jul 2, 2012   |    comments
Travel in 2012 is sure to cost more than 2011. But travel agent Lawton Roberts with Country Place Travel says there are alternatives.
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ATLANTA -- Southwest Airlines is new to Atlanta. So are they trying to attract new customers by offering free tickets?

Consumers have been getting free ticket offers in their e-mail, but experts at Techjaws.com say beware! They say the e-mail is phony and is actually a data mining operation designed to get your credit card information. Similar scams have been reported involving e-mails purportedly from Delta and other airlines.

Experts recommend consumers quickly delete any e-mail that looks suspicious due to misspellings or typos. And if you're not sure an e-mail is legitimate, do not click on any attachments or links. Doing so can lead to spyware or malware being installed on your operating system.

Other e-mail hoaxes to look out for recently include one that purports to be from Ford Motor Company offering a discount, and a diet advertisement with the headline "Who doesn't want to drop two dress sizes, or "Drop two pants sizes."

In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, consumers may want to watch out for health related e-mail scams as well.

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