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9:27 PM, Jan 5, 2012   |    comments
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  • There's a great deal today on Ugg Boots!
  • Oneida has a great deal today for Oneida steak knives at 82%

Atlanta - if you didn't get exactly what you wanted for christmas... There are deals to be had!  Today we're counting down some of the top discounts... as stores try to get rid of surplus stock from last year!

First... from amazon dot com. A 32 inch Sharp l-c-d t-v. The price has dropped from $349 to $249 with free shipping.

Second... And today's groupon bargain of the day.  A 14 megapixel kodak digital camera for just $49. 

Third... and if you need a new set of steak knives Oneida has a set of six longhorn steak knives at 82% off today.

Fourth... and if your feet are getting cold, short uggs are on sale.  They are normally $150 but they're on sale today for $90 with free shipping.














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