College textbook savings

6:55 PM, Aug 19, 2011   |    comments
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Georgia college students are returning to class and that means buying expensive textbooks. So how do you save? Bill Liss found some great ideas to start with.

DUNWOODY, Ga. -- Georgia college students are returning to campus for their fall semester, and they're already looking at big bills for college textbooks.

"Since Financial Aid is opening up a little earlier, we're starting to get busy a little earlier," said Michelle Williams, manager of Georgia Perimeter College's bookstore.

Lines are growing and so are the bills, so how do you save?

Websites like and work great, but a new program is gaining steam... rentals. 

"This music title title is new at $160.75," Williams said. "Renting it saves the students about 50 percent. The rental price would be $80.29."

She said you can highlight and write in rented books, but they must be returned in good condition. You also have to use a credit card, but renting can save you even more than buying used.

Last year alone, it saved Georgia Perimeter students $300,000, according to Follet, which owns the bookstore at GPC. This is the bookstore's second year offering rentals.

Another popular option, Ebooks. And they are not just digital copies. They allow you to highlight, write notes and interact in chatrooms.

And one last option that has worked great for decades, maybe even centuries. If you have a friend who took the same class last semester, it's worth a call!








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