Try It Review: Comfy Control Dog Harness

10:32 AM, Dec 20, 2011   |    comments
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Comfy Control Dog Harness

If your dog pulls on her leash, you might worry the collar might be hurting her neck. 

The Comfy Control Harness claims it's the humane alternative that takes the pressure off your pet's neck and spreads it evenly across the chest.

Maria tried it on her dog Andy.

"Very easy, slip in one leg," she said.  "Slip in the other."

The mesh vest secures with velcro. There are plastic snaps in the back that hold the leash rings. Pretty simple to put on if your pet doesn't jump around too much.

"You can see where this might be a little more comfortable for him," said Maria.

It's only made in a black and red design and comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

The harness isn't adjustable, so make sure to size your dog carefully before buying one. And if your pup is still growing or adds a few pounds you might need to replace it.

Maria thinks it looks a little flimsy.

"Concerned that if you have a strong puller that this could rip or tear easily," she said.  "But for the most part it certainly works. I can see it being more comfortable."

The Comfy Control Harness sells for $10 to $20 on-line and in stores.  It also comes with a five foot long leash.

"While very light weight and probably comfortable, it's not adjustable," Maria said.  "So you have to make sure it's the absolute right size for your dog before you buy it. So I'm going to give this harness one thumb up, one thumb down."

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