Man clings to woman's windshield after argument

7:01 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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ROSWELL, Ga. -- A woman took a man for a wild ride as he held onto her car for dear life after an argument.

It happened Saturday, April 13th, as Elton Kim was washing his car outside of his workplace, Ellard Cleaners in Roswell.  According to the police report, a woman hit his car as she was backing out of another parking space.

Kim called police and stood in front of the woman's car so she could not drive away as he waited on officers to arrive.

The car drove closer to Kim, so he jumped on the hood and stayed there as the woman left the dry cleaner parking lot and began driving eastbound on Holcomb Bridge Road.  

Kim stayed on for the ride, as the woman made a U-turn in front of Fire Station 7 and continued westbound on Holcomb Bridge Road. When the vehicle reached Holcomb Bridge and Barnwell roads, Kim let go.

He told Officer Christopher Smith that the driver tried to get him off the hood by slamming on the accelerator and the brakes.  Kim said he held on because his fingers were caught in the hood near the windshield.

According to the police report, the woman is white with long brown hair, brown eyes and an acne scar on her face. She was wearing a blue sweat shirt and jeans. She now faces reckless conduct charges.

Anyone with information on the woman is asked to contact Roswell police at (770) 640-4100.

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