Accused officers back in court

1:36 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- New details are emerging about a couple of Metro Atlanta police officers caught up in a drug and corruption scandal.

The 11Alive Center for Investigative Action has learned that half of them have been in trouble with their police departments before. We've learned 5 of the accused have had run-ins with the law like spousal abuse, charges of battery and disorderly conduct in the past.

One former DeKalb Detention officer who appeared today had even had his law enforcement certificate suspended and ordered to attend management training. However the accusations they now face are more severe.

DeKalb County police officer Dorian Williams accused of even threatening to shoot someone to protect the dealers. Former detention officer Monyette McLaurin also accused of doing the same if given the signal to shoot to protect drug dealers.
And Gregory Lee Harvey seen in the middle accused of pretending to be a sheriff was with them.

Ken Vance, Executive director of Georgia of Peace Officers Standard and Training says immediate action is being taken. This week suspension notices like this will go out to 9 of the 10 officers accused stripping them of the ability to be police officers in Georgia or anywhere else.

The state suspended McLaurin's certificate in 2007 for threatening a spouse and put on probation by the licensing body. Dorian Williams had been charged with battery and disorderly conduct and criminal trespass in a 2011 case but the charges were dropped. He was suspended for a week but he kept his job.

Both Dorian Williams and McLaurin will be released on $10,000 bond and put under electronic monitoring. The other man who appeared today is being handed over to DeKalb County to clear up a domestic charge, when he's released he'll come back here and to put up bond and undergo home monitoring too.

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