Stepping up security at the baggage carousels

12:58 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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  • Atlanta Police step up security after 11Alive investigation into stolen luggage.

ATLANTA -- 11Alive is making a difference! We've exposed the risks of stolen luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and now officials are taking notice.

Just a day after we exposed stolen Delta bags lying in a field, police presence around Delta's carousels was noticeably different.

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"There's embarrassment here for Delta and there's embarrassment here for Atlanta Airport Authority," said travel consultant Lawton Roberts, who watched our investigations.

Atlanta Police is in charge of security for the entire airport, but the airlines can do more to protect their customers. We've demonstrated how airlines, in the North Terminal, have hired extra security officers to do random tag checks. Delta, however, does not do that in the South Terminal.

"I think Delta should step up to the plate now and realize they're getting billions for baggage fees. They now have the responsibility to protect the security of their passengers luggage, after all, the passenger did pay extra for them to do that," Roberts said.

If you suspect your luggage is stolen, you can contact the Atlanta Police Airport Precinct at 404-530-6630 or call 911.

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