Stolen luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

11:11 AM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
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  • Police are looking for this man suspected of stealing luggage from Hartsfield Jackson Airport.
  • Jacob Giannantonio, from Texas, wants security tightened.

ATLANTA -- There's a reason why you hear the warnings, 'keep an eye on your luggage'. Thieves are walking in off of the street and walking away with your bags at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

"I actually started saying to people, you know we need to look into this. This is likely a stolen bag. Everyone said 'Don't worry about it. It probably just got mixed up,'" Jacob Giannantonio said, as he stood in front of the carousel where his bag disappeared.

He was on a Delta flight from San Antonio to Atlanta on Aug. 19.  His bag was scanned in and then disappeared. That's why we flew him back to Atlanta to tell his story.

We made an Open Records request for the security camera video.

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"That's the guy that took off with my bag right there," Giannantonio said as he saw the video for the first time. 

"It appears to be a theft and that's the way we've reported it," said the head of the Atlanta Police Airport Precinct, Major Lane Hagin.

However, it's not an isolated incident. While we were showing the security camera video to Jacob, another woman, who was listening with interest, spoke up.

"Yeah, yeah, it did happen to me," she said. "I was listening to him thinking same thing did happened to me last year."

Jorina, who did not want to give her last name, flew in from Minneapolis last year, for a family reunion.

"No clothes, nothing.  Everything I had was gone," she said. Like Jacob, her bag beat her to the carousel.

"My bag was a Louis Vuitton bag," she said. "I want it back."

However, she says, the airline told her it was missing and she never reported it stolen.

"We've made eight arrests for baggage theft so far in the calendar year, and we've had 28 complaints," Major Hagin told us.

Unfortunately, the police often don't hear about the theft. Many times passengers are told, by the airlines, that their bag is just missing.

Jacob hounded Delta Airlines, providing the company with receipts, making phone calls, and keeping on top of the situation until he was reimbursed. He received a check for $3300.00, the maximum amount that Delta would pay.

An 11Alive poll shows, of those who responded, 60 percent of you supported extra baggage security, even if it slowed you down a bit; 27 percent opposed it.

Tuesday night at 11 p.m., we'll show you how some airlines are cracking down.  We'll also show you how there appear to be differences in how security is handled between the North and South domestic terminals. We've also got more security camera video of another theft and we'll show you who police arrested.

If you suspect your luggage is stolen, you can contact the Atlanta Police - Airport Precinct at 404-530-6630 or call 911.

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