DeKalb County fix for dilapidated houses

7:23 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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DECATUR, Ga. -- DeKalb County is taking another step to spur developers and potential homeowners to clean up neighborhoods. It's speeding up the permitting process and reducing permit fees for homes that were nearly completed but abandoned by builders, when the economy went sour.

"We're trying to make the houses that are within reach easy to acquire and rehabilitate," said DeKalb County Spokesperson, Burke Brennan.

He walked with us through a rundown neighborhood in Scottdale, pointing out houses that could qualify for the program.

The plan is to reduce building permit fees by 75% and get the approval process cut down to a week.

"Consolidate it. Have one guy come out. Sign off what's acceptable, what's not acceptable, for one fee and that'd be at about a 75% discount," Brennan said.

To find out more contact the DeKalb Planning and Sustainability Department.

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