DeKalb County police officer accused of stealing

12:03 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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  • 31 year old Laprencilla Myers accused of theft.
  • Former DeKalb County police officer, Akii Isaac Myers, charged with theft.
  • The theft occured at this Marietta bowling alley.

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Talk about setting a bad example. A young boy in Marietta does the right thing after finding a wallet only to have the adults he trusts do wrong thing. They are accused of stealing money from the wallet BEFORE turning it in.

It happened at the Brunswick Zone, a family bowling alley, but what happened on Sunday July 29th was anything but family fun.

36 year old Akii Isaac Myers, a DeKalb County police officer, and his 31 year old wife, Laprencilla are both facing charges of theft by taking.

According to arrest warrants they were in the bowling alley when their young nephew found a wallet in the men's room. He turned it over to his Aunt, who then gave it to her husband.

Akii is accused of taking $500 and ID out of the wallet and handing the money to his wife, Laprencilla before turning the wallet into the front counter.

What Myers didn't know is that it was all captured on surveillance video and he later confessed. He resigned from his job as a DeKalb County police officer the next day.

DeKalb County spokesperson Mekka Parish says Myers was on military leave at the time of the incident and says he had been on the force for 5 years.

As for Laprencilla Myers, according to the criminal warrant she claims that after putting the money in her bag, she didn't think to give it back to the victim. 

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